Center for Innovation in Transport

Initiative 1.3: Introduction of a monitoring system of container movements at port of Melilla

  • Pilot action proposed:

To introduce a monitoring system of containers movements at the port’s container yard, as automated as possible.
[Possible expansion: Expand the monitoring to all containers and platforms accessing and departing the port facilities.]

  • Stakeholders involved:

Port Authority of Melilla (PAM)
Neurolabs (automatic detection software providers)

  • Subject matter: What?

Introduction of a paperless system for loading and discharge cargo manifest from ports and monitoring container introduced / cleared in the port facilities.
The action is laid out considering two different phases:
Pilot 1.4A (Whitebox)
Monitor all containers entering and leaving the container terminal to have an accurate knowledge of the contents of the yard at any given moment. It will be monitored entering, departing and yard placement of containers using a handheld PDA system updating the PAM database.
Additionally, setting up an online system to introduce the cargo manifests to the terminal database.
Pilot 1.4B (Blackbox)
Establish a blackbox monitoring system (i.e. only inputs and outputs to / from the system are to be controlled and not internal movements) for the overall port.

  • Purpose: Why?

Stricter control of the cargo staying inside the port and avoids discrepancies between the information lodged at the Customs and Port Authority databases.
Reduced use of physical paper generated and simplified management of inventorying and cargo clearance.

  • Location: Where?

Container terminal in port of Melilla (whitebox); Multicargo terminal in port of Melilla (blackbox).

  • Sequence: When?


  • People: Who?

Port Authority of Melilla
Shipping agencies

  • Method: How?

This pilot action will need of the following technology to be developed:

  • Built-in/mobile recording system with wireless connection.
  • Touch screen system


  • OCR application for plate reading and recognition
  • Centralized information database
  • Communication bus between customs, consignees and port systems to harmonize freight lists and cargo manifests.
  • Cost: How much?


80.000-90.000 Euros (staff and travel costs related)