Valenciaport Foundation

  • Initiative 1.1: Notification to Customs of full container entries and their subsequent departures from Valenciaport container terminals

    • Stakeholders involved:

    Port Authority of Valencia
    Spanish Tax Office (Spanish Customs)
    Container terminals

    • Subject matter: What?

    The proposed initiative aims to compile information regarding the notifications of entry of full containers into port container terminal and their subsequent exit notifications departure whether by land (rail or road) or by sea.

    • Purpose: Why?

    The Spanish Tax Agency proposes a new electronic procedure for notifying container entries and exits at all Spanish port terminals via Web services.
    The main objective of this initiative is to reduce customs clearance times (assigning a green, orange or red circuit) by adjusting the period when containers are really in a customs area. That is, Customs needs to know that the SAD can be dispatched when the container is within the terminal, not before, granting permission by sea (asynchronous SAD). This procedure will also allow Customs to control indirect exits: the export customs office, where exports declarations are declared, is different from customs office of exit, where the goods have effectively left the Community.

    • Location: Where?

    Port of Valencia
    Port of Sagunto
    Port of Gandia

    • Sequence: When?

    Prototyping: 2013-2014
    Piloting: 2014

    • People: Who?

    Port Authority of Valencia
    Spanish Tax Office (Spanish Customs)
    Container terminals

    • Method: How?

    This procedure is based on two new entry and exit messages about the container provided by the container terminals or the Valenciaport Community System (valenciaport.pcs) as well as the messages of response, acceptance or refusal of the shipment, managed via web services.
    The terminals will send these messages to Customs by electronic means or through the Port Authority:
    - Container entry into terminal. The container entry notification is refers to entry by land (rail or road).
    - Container exit from terminal (loaded or not).  The terminal sends a message to the Customs when the container has left the terminal and has been loaded or has left without having been loaded via rail or road.

    • Cost: How much?

    In evaluation