Patras Port Authority

  • Initiative 5.2: Berth allocation system for Ro-Ro and cruise traffic at port of Patras

    • Pilot Action proposed:

    Berth allocation system for Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax and cruise traffic

    • Stakeholders involved

    Patras Port Authority S.A.
    Shipping and Forwarding agents
    Cruise and Mega Yachts Companies

    • Subject matter: What?  

    Management of berthing/ mooring   of Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, Cruise-Ships and Mega Yachts

    • Purpose: Why?  

    Patras Port uses the same berths for berthing/mooring of the above mentioned ships. Management of ship berthing especially during summer has a serious impact on the traffic flows not only in the port area but also in the surrounding area. Since there is a possibility to use both parts of our Port, North and South, especially on the field of cruise, it is essential that delays and other berthing problems are not acceptable.

    • Location: Where?  

    Patras North and South Port

    • Sequence: When?  

    Prototype: 2013-2014
    Piloting: 2013-2014

    • People: Who?  

    Patras Port Authority S.A.
    Port Police
    Shipping and Forwarding Companies
    Commercial Companies
    Cruise and Mega Yachts Companies

    • Method: How?  

    The action will be carried out by an external expertise through a public bid. Possible solutions will arise, but an up to date software able to illustrate more at least 35 mooring places, with different depth, berth, a connection with meteorological data taken either through internet or through local meteo stations, being able to identify the best mooring place according to the ship dimensions is essential.

    • Cost: How much?  

    The cost will be estimated after the external expertise proposals