Ancona Port Authority

  • Initiative 6.3: Introduction of national Customs Single Window at port of Ancona

    • Pilot Action Proposed:

     Procedures related to container consolidated cargoes

    • Stakeholders involved:

    Ancona Port Authority
    Shipping Agents
    Forwarding Agents
    Customs Agency
    Maritime Health

    • Subject matter: What?  

    Incorporation of tools that carry out an effective control of the entry of goods into the country in
    order to comply with the Community declarations required related for customs, sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary controls - Implementation of a connection mechanism enabling the dialogue between the administrations and bodies that participate in customs operations by granting authorizations, permits, licences or carrying out controls. -The different Administrations integrate the processes within their competence (of which they are holders), thus offering a common “interface” to citizens and enterprises. -Moving from the data collected in the customs declaration an ICT process is triggered to check the documents supporting the declaration and to perform controls.

    • Purpose: Why?  

    A single custom window has been temporary operating since July 2011 according to the dispositions set by the Decree implementing the Single Custom Window (DPCM 242/2010). The single window will be implemented in all national ports to complete the “data telematic communication process” between all the administrations involved in the custom clearance process which will end in 2014.
    The DPCM obliges the 18 administrations involved in the custom process to integrate the processes under their expertise in order to offer the companies a unique interface (single window/one stop shop) which will allow:

    - The telematic application, monitoring and downloading of certifications /without reservation/ authorizations (art.3).
    - Digitalization of the entire clearance process, including also operations managed by other administrations than the Custom agency (art.4).
    The purpose of “data telematic communication process” is to reduce the time and costs for clearance processes, improve the quality of checks and the following cost reductions for administrations.

    • Location: Where?  

    Port of Ancona

    • Sequence: When?  

    Prototyping: 2013
    Piloting: 2013-2014

    • People: Who?  

    Ancona Port Authority
    Maritime Agents
    Shipping Agents
    Customs Agency
    Maritime Health

    • Method: How?  

    The aim of the initiative is to have the completed digitization of the customs clearing process, the simplification of customs procedures, optimization of the capacity to control and reduce costs for public bodies and economic operators. The Customs Single Window will overcome the fragmentation of the customs clearance process that can include up to 68 different documents, the majority of cases issued on paper, by 18 different bodies. The project has been developed by the Customs Agency, concerning the goods subject to animal health certification, which uses the Customs computer system Aida, to create a uniform interface with the Ministry of Health. The activity consists in the acquisition of a Port Community System and its adaption to the requirements of the Single Window.

    • Cost: How much?  

    In evaluation