Chamber of Commerce & Industry Marseille Provence

  • Initiative 7.2: Development of an analytics platform

    • Pilot action proposed:

    MEDNET analytics platform

    • Stakeholders involved:

    Port authorities
    Port community

    • Subject matter: What?  

    The objective of the MEDNET Analytics Platform (MAP) is to collect, process, and display data of a port activity in order to evaluate the impact of a simplification or a facilitation measure on the activity of the port players.

    • Purpose: Why?  

    MEDNET analytics platform will process 3 kinds of KPI:
    1- The activity. The activity is evaluated by the volume of vessels, of containers, of documents managed by a port community. The activity can be measured for export, import and total.
    2- The performance. The performance is evaluated by the time spent to realize an activity for a vessel, a container or a document. It can be measured for export, import and total and applied to logistics and administrative operations.
    3- The quality. The quality is evaluated by the ability of mastering a process.
    The analysis of the evolution of indicators should allow to make a decision or, at least, to evaluate the impacts of some decision about the performance, the volume, the quality of activities led by members of a port community.

    • Location: Where?  

    Port Authority of Marseille

    • Sequence: When?  

    Prototyping: 2013
    Piloting: 2014-2015

    • People: Who?  

    Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille Provence
    Port Authority of Marseille

    • Method: How?  

    The software will be structured in three different modules:
    - The data acquisition module: the aim of this module is to collect data from different sources like port community systems, port authorities or Customs authorities.
    - The data process module: the aim of this module is to process data in order to calculate indicators about the activity of a port.
    - The presentation module: the aim of this module is to present calculated data in order to follow the evolution of some indicators values and to evaluate the efficiency of some measures. This module will present data in graphs tables and will allow selecting different indicators.

    • Cost: How much?  

    In evaluation